Shreadalious plus Treat Toy or
Refill for Shreadalious
This toy is a toy that can keep on going for as
long as you like. The Treat Maze is made by
Jungle Talk and clips on to bottom of
shreadalious for easy clean and replace as
needed. I like this because it keeps the toy
interesting. You change the treats hide it in
the middle of toy and let the fun begin!
This toy measures
21 inches long by 12 inches
wide. Make with lots of chewy toy parts!
Plastic bears, soft dyed pine (i dyed myself)
Cardboard just the right thickness to be
enjoyable but longer lasting, paper cups,
leather and palm ropes for stringing. This is a
full toy with lots of texture. Great for large
and jumbo birds.
You can buy refills as you like after you have
the treat holder.