Bird Gyms are safe, unique and fun for Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo parrots.
Bird Gym
We are offering a GREAT toy that will inspire you to create your feather companion's fantasy play
land.  Customizable in every way imaginable. Made with very durable safe materials including PVC,
Hard Wood Perches, Natural Sisal, Stainless Steel Hardware and Nickel. Toys can be added and
change on a regular bases to keep the mind intrigued as well as the beak. Solid Acrylic feed cups can
be added or we can drills the hole and add stainless steel bolt and wing nut and you can add your own
treat cups.  Gym can be hung from the ceiling. When hung the gym is very sturdy. I prefer to hang
my gyms and place a garbage can under to catch bird poop.   

The gym has toys attached and hardware for adding a treat cup.  Bird Gym Comes in 3 different sizes now.
Small, Medium, and Large.
See Pictures below.
Has a removable middle perch that when removed leaves room to hang all kinds of fun extras like a
sisal boing, willow activity swing, or a birdie tent.  The possibilities are endless which is why this bird
gym is so special being able to add and change keeping our birds interested and happy! Come partially
assembled with step by step instructional CD Video and follow along print instructions, also colored
coded! Snaps together in less than 10 mins no tools required just your two hands! Very Easy!
We have three Perch Sizes depending on which size gym you purchase. These gyms are popular and
loved by birds all over the world!

*Treat Cups are extra $8.00 for Small*
*Treat Cups Large $11.00 each*
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Ceiling Protector available Below
Great for all birds who love to play outside the cage from time to time
Beakapoo Activity Play Gym Medium/Small
Perch size determines the size
*Read more above*
20" wide By 16" Tall
Beakapoo Activity Play Gym Large
24" wide By 18" Tall 1" Perches
Hang a birdie tent!
Kiwi and Jasper on the Deluxe gym with willow swing attached
add sisal boing or cotton boing to the gym
protect your ceilings and your birds
Please click on picture for info
These bird gyms are safe!  They are great to hang from the ceiling.  Made with all natural materials, dye free wood and zinc free metal.  Don't
forget to pick up a ceiling protector to keep your bird safe.  Playing on bird gyms is great exercise for your bird
The small gym is the same size as the medium but would have smaller perches.  Its important to let me know
what type of bird you have so you can get the proper perch size.  NOTE some Large birds can use the medium
gym just by upping the size of the perches.  Some large birds are not tall but just stocky like some of the
smaller amazons and smaller cockatoos like the rose-breasted and Goffin also the smaller timneh african grey.  
Please email me if you think you have a large bird that can use the medium gym and I will give you more
information to make sure you get a gym your bird will enjoy.
Protector Wand Small/Med
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the play gym is, my two green cheeked conures are on it right now. I got it at christmas,
and they had to get used to it for quite a while, but they now get on it several times a week. The gym is located right above their
cage, so they can get on whenever they feel the need to. It was a perfect solution, because their cage has a semi-circle, so there is no
way to place a gym on top. But when I discovered there were ones that hung from the ceiling, i looked around and I liked yours the
best. It looked like a quality piece of work, and it is indeed. Keep up with all the great work!!

Large Protector Wand
18 " X 1"
Jumbo Protector Wand
18 X 1  1/2"
For Jumbo Gym Information please click this link to
goto that page.  For large macaws and cockatoos!
Click Here

<--------------------Jumbo Bird Gym
New Table Top Gym For Small Birds
Brand New table top gym is perfect for the small birds in the flock.  Great for Budgies on up to Cockatiels.  
Made with wooden dowels and pvc.  Durable and lite as a feather.  Move to any room in the house.  Comes
completely assembled and with black plastic tray to catch poop.  Washable of course!  Comes with attached
toys as shown and has a plastic chain for hanging extra toys or even a Millet holder toy for a fun treat.  
Measures 22 inches wide by 21 inches tall and 12 inches deep.  Swing is large enough for at least 2
birds to share.
Beakapoo Table Top Gym
Small Birds only
Add Small Treat Cup To Gym
$8.00 Each
Add Large Treat Cup To Gym
$11.00 Each