Pear Shaped Sisal Swing
Natural sisal pear swing that is perfect for large
birds sisal is 1 inch sisal wired for stability and
shape.  Has stainless steel screw eyes for hanging
in cage and for hanging toy inside of swing for
more enjoyments.  Your large bird will get plenty
of use from this swing!  Long lasting sisal swing
will be the highlight of your parrots cage!  Overall
measurements are 13 inches wide and 19 inches
tall.  Inside measurements are 15 inches which
give you plenty of room to hang a nice size toy.  To
see what a toy would look like hanging inside of
swing place mouse over picture to see a different
Great for amazons, african greys, cockatoos and
others of similar size.  We also have 3/4 inch sisal
that would be better for the smaller of the large
birds. As always every toy is customizable.