Medium Toys
Toys constructed out of plastic, natural ropes, safe nickel and stainless steels, veggie tanned leather, Paulie
Rope and other safe materials.  Please keep safety in mind and always choose a toy that is the right size for
macaw, Ringneck parakeets and other parrots of similar size in mind.   
love to make your bird happy!   
Toy Size Chart
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Beary Cute
So cute a leather teddy bear with medium binks.  Does your birdie love leather?  
How about acrylic binks?  This a wonderful combination for my Blue Crown Charlie
two of his favorite things.  This is a great toy and an unbelievable price grab it while
you can!  Toy measures 6 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.  
Perfect for all medium
Price $3.95
Crunch Ball
All med birds and big birdies alike will enjoy this new toy!  Smaller guys like conures
through 2's will like chewing on this toy, either as a foot toy for the larger guys or
hang it in the cage for the smaller. This willow ball is stuffed with paper and soft
plastic fish! Ball measures 3 inches.
Price $3.50
Small and med birds will enjoy this new toy!  Smaller guys like love birds through
blue crown conures will like chewing on this toy. This also makes a great preener toy.
Great toy for feather pluckers!  Measures 10 inches made with natural raffia.
Price $3.95
Snow Cone
friend! This has chewing pleasure in a cup topped off with a straw! This toy is made
with tons of chewable parts. Measures 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide! Great for
med and large birds!
Price $5.95