Bird Gyms for small medium and large birds
Bird Gyms are safe, unique and fun for Jumbo Parrots
Macaw & Large Cockatoo Bird Gym
We are offering a GREAT toy that will inspire you to create your feather companion's fantasy play
land.  Customizable in every way imaginable. Made with very durable safe materials including PVC,
Hard Wood Perches, and Stainless Steel Hardware. Toys can be added and change on a regular
bases to keep the mind intrigued as well as the beak. Gym is hung from the ceiling. When hung the
gym is very sturdy. I prefer to hang my gyms and place a garbage can under to catch bird poop.  
Also great to hang it beside a cage and the bird can climb on when he wants to play.
The gym has the option of adding treat cups please email if interested

Has a removable middle perch that when removed leaves room to hang all kinds of fun extras like a
Jumbo Cotton boing and other fun ideas.  The possibilities are endless which is why this bird gym is
so special being able to add and change keeping our birds interested and happy! Come partially
assembled with step by step instructional CD Video and follow along print instructions, also colored
coded! Snaps together in less than 10 mins no tools required just your two hands! Very Easy!

We also have protector wands available for the Jumbo Bird as well.

This gym has 1 1/2 inch birch perches all the way around and across the center. Gym
31 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Made with 1 inch PVC parts.  All Hardware
is STAINLESS STEEL.  We have toys bolted to the sides of the pvc with stainless steel
hardware and parts can be replaced as need on this gym. This gym is BIG and would be
great for two large macaws and really roomy for one spoiled macaw or cockatoo. Gym
comes with 8 large plastic wheels, 2 bubble stars, 4 plastic rings, 4 feet of 3 inch link
plastic chain with 4 nut and bold sets screwed through.  4 sets of stainless steel bolts
and nuts. Hangs from two stainless steel O-Rings on one 4mm stainless Steel Quick Link
Wide Jaw.  Has one stainless steel screw eye in center for hanging a toy or boing. The
chain at the top is large stainless steel chain strong enough to hold a huge load of toys!  
Gym weighs 12 to 14 pounds. Its really great!
Beakapoo Activity Play Gym Jumbo
30" wide By 31" Tall 1 1/2" Perches
products we can for you and your birds.
Thank you and please come back.  
Shown with the Toy Twister hanging
in the middle.
Shown with other toys from the
Jumbo Bird Page.
This Gym was custom made for a greenwing macaw names Mei Li, as you can see she has plenty of room to
play.  This is a true gym where she can move and play and get plenty of exercise.  They removed the center
manner.  You could also hang a favorite swing or leave the center perch in the possibles are endless!  Mei Li is
manner.  You could also hang a favorite swing or leave the center perch in the possibles are endless!  Mei Li is
one happy customer!  Pay attention to the feet she has nice big perches to fit her size feet.  This is a great
gym for the large bird and even two birds could share with no problem!
Greetings Rhonda!
The gym is truly, truly fabulous! I really don't know what we did without it. It works so well and it is so
much fun. A big thank you for making such great, wholesome, safe toys and equipment. You have made us very
With warm regards,  
Bridget and Patrick