Large Corny Shredder
The perfect toy in my opinion!  Why?  Because a
toy that can be destroyed into tiny bits over time
makes a happy bird!  Why?  Because its what
parrots do by nature!  This is an all natural toy
made with natural non toxic toy parts.  This will be
a huge hit with your bird!  Nice size shredded with
tons of things to chew and discover. We have
Palm, willow, corn husk, paper sticks, paper rope,
jumbo chew sticks and wood all strung on 1/4"
thick leather lace.  Hangs from a plastic clip that
will fit any size cage bars.  
Toy measures 12
inches long by 7 inches wide.
 This is a
large toy and a must have for the bird that needs a
little excitement in his life, a great boredom
buster! Get 2 you will not regret it and neither will
your bird! All large birds and even medium birds
that love a bigger toy like my Charlie!  He thinks
he is a large bird!