Order Information, Payment Options, and Shipping Cost
This is information for International Customers only.
We are as alway happy to ship to all our international customers as long as payments can be taken through
paypal.  There has been
new cost involved with international payment process that will be added to the over all
total cost of an order.  The increase is
5 % of total order.  All international shipping is based on the weight and
size of package so orders will vary from one to another.  All international orders will have to
email me with a
list of the products  you would like to order so a shipping rate can be determined for your package and
location.  We try to keep the shipping cost down as much as possible due to the high cost of international
shipping.  The options are still the same through USPS.  
We Ship Global
All International Orders Payments accepted through PayPal.
There will be a shipping charge adjustment please email for exact shipping cost.
Thank You!

Will vary depending on package size and weight.
Please email me with your address and list of products so I can send shipping cost.
Air Mail Parcel 2 weeks to a month on delivery
Global Shipping 4 to 7 days
New cost added to international orders for international payment processes.  5% will be added to total bill for
the international payment processing fee.
Options with Global Shipping 2 size envelopes $12.00
Anything that is too large for the envelops will be shipped in a box and Global Shipping will depend on size and
weight of package.