Foot toys for birds of all size.  Great toys for learning coordination and great toys for one on one play with your feathered companion
Foot Toys
Foot Toys for the little Talon. Foot toys encourage exercise to help keep bird's active and healthy while
learning  coordination which mimics there normal activity in the wild.  Birds highly enjoy playing with foot
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I have Small/Med/Large/Jumbo bird size recommendation under each toy
two great foot toys for Medium through large birds
Polly Lollies
small birds only greencheek conures, cockatiels, love birds, and others of similar sizze
Rattle Balls
Little Footsies
jumbo birds
for medium size birds like conures and quakers and others of similar size
Medium Footies
3 count
Colossal Cluster
Great for small birds like love birds, green cheek conures, parroletts, and others of similar size
Small Talon Tangos
Great for Luv Birds, Green Cheeks, Parrolets,+
Key Chain Foot Toy
Large Birds
Talon Teaser
Large Birds
great for green cheek conures
Rollie Pollies
$4.00 Set
Roller Balls
$3.95 Set
Screwballs 2 count
Med/large Birds