Folliage,Flowers and Butterflies Cotton Fabrics
Page has lots of pictures will take a while to load
Many solid color fleece for lining the inside of the birdie tents.   If you bird chews tents
nothing I make it out of will stop the chewing.  Tent chewers would do better with an all
cotton tent lined in cotton as well just in case it is ingested.  I suggest not getting a
tent for a bird that chews it.
No One Offers More of a Choice of Fabric!
Quality Tents nothing like the ones you buy in a store once you get one of my tents
home you will be very pleased!
Large Butterflies
Med and Up
Small Butterflies
Ex Small through Large
Leaves On Black
small / exsmall
very natrual and pretty
Animal Print
Super Jumbo
Any Size