Page has lots of pictures will take a while to load
I have many Solid colored Fleece pieces not pictured here.
More Detail just move mouse over picture to see a pop up message about fabrics
fleece is not cotton if you want a cotton lining please let me know flannel is another option.
a true green color
Green Fleece
Owl Fleece small through jumbo
medium blue color
Blue Fleece
Grey Fleece
Bubble Gum Pink Fleece
Purple Fleece
pumpkin orange
nice bright yellow
Pumpkin Orange Fleece
Yellow Fleece
Leopard Fleece
colorful moon and star Fleece
Colorful Leopard any size
Rain forest Fleece large and up
so so pretty you will love this for a super jumbo tent
Rainbow Leopard Fleece
Heart To Heart
Tyied Dyed
Macaw Fleece large and up
Hyacinth Leopard Fleece jumbo and up