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Hello Rhonda,

Well, I received the two packages over two consecutive days this week - the larger on Tuesday, and the smaller on Wednesday.  
Thank you so very, very much!  I'm so glad you were able to read my order form (and yes - the printer has been fixed since I printed it
out =)

The fids absolutely adore their new toys.  Lachie is a very visual bird, and loves different colors and pictures.  If we hold up a magazine
cover to him, for instance, he'll warble and sing to it for as long as we let him see it!  So with him, the colorful toys were best.  He is in
love with the "Cockadoodlewho", and sings to it as if it were his girlfriend.  As of yet, he hasn't gotten up the courage to "play" with it, or
nibble its ropes, but he has been dancing (bopping his head up and down) and singing fit to burst, so we're sure he's happy with his new
toys =)

Austin, on the other hand, is a very active player - she will bite and chew and climb anything we present her with.  So needless to say,
the Small Floppy Moppy and the Beak Teaser Pleaser were a big hit with her.  Her absolute favourite is the Moon and Star Preener,
though.  We're rotating the toys through their cage, at the moment, and this was the toy that she seemed to get most enjoyment out of.

The thing that I'm most pleased about of course, is that Austin has payed far less attention to preening now that she has so much to play
with!  We're keeping in close contact with our vet and hopefully, over time, Austin can regain her feathers and learn to become a well
adjusted adult bird.

Thanks, Rhonda, so very much for all your help and generosity.  The toys are just wonderful!  They have brought my fids so much
happiness and that's enough to bring a smile to the face of any bird mom =)  The budgie pen is adorable, also - thank you!  It's
wonderful to be able to have such positive experiences over the Internet, with all the negative things we hear today.  I'm so glad this all
worked out, and so grateful to you for all her hard work in assembling and shipping the toys!

Thanks again, Rhonda!

~Sarah xoxo
Hi Rhonda

Guess what arrived yesterday!!! Yaaaaa!

He loves it, and even forgot to chirp out for his corn at 6pm last
night, too busy playing on his new

Thank you so much - it is awesome and I love the little bag for his goodies! So cute.
Buy a Birdie Tent.  I will always believe that it made a big difference in Darby's adjustment to her new home.  She uses it every night!  
We say "nite-nite".  She says "nite-nite" back and then goes straight into her Hut.  She is nestled down before we get her cage cover
on!  We have it set up with perches coming and going.  She enters by one and exits by the other.  

All the toys and products we have ordered from you have been wonderful.  That's why we are back.  Her Boing is a popular place,
too!  I really like the natural sisal.
She does, too.

Thank you for your prompt reply.  Darby thanks you, too.
Fay Kimbro
Hi Rhonda!

AT LAST!  I got the delivery card last night when I got home from work and went straight over to the post office (one block from my
house) and picked up my parcel from you!  Thank you so much!  The boing is amazing.  I am very impressed with it!  Kelvin thinks it's
awesome too.  Kaya is not too sure just yet, but it took her a few days to get used to the one she has in her cage, and now it is her
favorite perch, so I know she'll love it.  She loves sisal rope.  We put her on it and she stayed there for a bit.  She's a Velcro bird, so
we're trying to find places that she'll enjoy outside her cage that isn't on us.  Thank you so much for the care and time you took with my
order.  It's all great!

Thank you so much for the fast shipping.  I was going to give it to him for Christmas but I couldn't wait that long.  At first he wasn't sure
about it, but now he will not get out of it.  Not even to be held sometimes!
Thank you so much! Randi and Petri
Dear Rhonda,  I recieved My Birdie Tents today when I got Home from Work, 12-11-04 They are Absolutely Beautiful !!!!. Thankyou
Very nice Job !!!!
Thanks again Very Satisfied ,and very Greatful, Ron, Boris and Rudy Too !!!
Hi Rhonda,

Yay ! I got
boing this afternoon. My Popeye he loved it so much….even took a nap up there and forgot his lunch, he play and play all
Thank you Rhonda!
Take care,

I just wanted to write and tell you the toys my birds have gotten from Beakapoo are better that any others I have gotten for them from
any pet store!

I have a Mitered conure and a Nanday conure, both were rescue birds, and both are pretty rough on most toys.  The toys you make
stand up to all their rough beaking!  I have bought toys for them that lasted a day or two, money down the drain.  But your toys show
me how much you invest in the design and durability.  These toys last way beyond anything else I have tried for them.  (Not so good for
repeat sales, but GREAT for me (us….!)

I got a medium Clanker and a medium Unbearably Fun for them to start with, 13 months ago, and the toys are still intact, and very much
loved and played with by my birds.  Then I got them the large Shake, Rattle, and Roll for the mitered and a Willow Chew, back in the
summer.  For Christmas, they got Double Trouble Plus and the Clowning Around, and the Nanday got a new tent, which she sleeps in
every night and loves to pieces.  (Next I want to get the Titanium version---just kidding.)

Kay, Polly and Kiwi
love all your toys..................I've ordered a couple things from Foster and Smith and they have gone back.  No comparison to your
Looking forward to doing more business with you.
Ter'e and Lola
as I can get him to stay in the hut while I am in the room I will take a picture and email it to you.
Thank you, again for your help and the toys.
Nicole Finn
West Des Moines, IA
Items arrived today.  The
tents are so cute.  Thanks so much.
~Cindy Fletcher~
Wake Village, Tx.
I love the sleep tent/hut. I can not wait to bring
Peanut (parrotlet) home from the breeder in 2 weeks.


I've received the package this morning. So far my bird's interested in the
Medium Willow Activity Swing and loves it a lot.
Thank you so much for everything, I think I'll come back soon...
Savi and Meswa

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy I am with the two
bird tents I recently received.  They are by far the best tents
I've ever owned, far superior to the stuff I've bought from local Los Angeles bird stores.  The quality, the design, the workmanship -
everything is just first rate.  My conure, Yoshi, has been obsessed with his tents ever since I got him, and he's going to love these.

Thank you again!

Jon Humphreys

PS You really need to charge more for these.  At $8 each, I feel like I'm stealing from you :)
I just wanted to let you know how much Chip likes his chain toy.   He is really getting used to it being in his cage.  His favorite toy is still
the heart.  It is so funny, because he worked his way up on the heart toy.  First he started playing with the heart, then he would move the
beads around and now he has discovered the bell.  He likes the bell to sit on his head.  It's really funny.
I'm so excited my box came today & I immediately put the Moon & Star preener in for "Pheonix" and he went straight for it and seems
to really like it. Thanks Again I"m glad that I found you because there is nowhere near me that sells such beautiful bird toys!!
I received the package Saturday and Rio (my conure) just knew it was for her.  She is so spoiled!!! I hung the tent on her play area and
she ran right over to it to check it out.  That is really odd, because usually she is afraid of EVERYTHING. She also loves the
littlefooties.  I am holding off on giving her anything else yet. Thanks for making such a great product and for all your help.
Customer for life,
Glad to hear that you are doing well.
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the toys I ordered.
Baby will have a ball with them!
They are so cute!
Enjoy  your day.
Mary Ann Roditus

Just a quick note to let you know that I received my order on Saturday and everything is great.
Sweet Pea has become quite possessive of his Little Footsie toys. Thank you for the quick shipment and I look forward to ordering
from you again in the future.
We received out box of Maggie's goodies.  We have been extremely pleased with your quick email responses, your timely shipment,
and the quality of everything we received.
Take care,
Dear Rhonda,

I just wanted to let you know that the parcel containing Bart's toys arrived safely last week. We're delighted with everything and wanted
to thank you very much for all your help.

Kind regards,
We got the mail today, and the boy [ I guess he a boy] is running thru his tent, maybe decide to sleep there tonite, and he climbing the
ladder too.  
Thanks a bunch.
Kevin Nelson,
Hello --

I just wanted to let you know Pennington (aka Penny) loves his moon and stars preener. He cuddled and whispered sweet birdie
nothings to it before going to sleep last night -- it's a match made in heaven.
-tracie & penny
them(birdie tents) are in cages that are out in the public, everyday, so they may generate some  advertising for you.

I hope so, because you do very good work.  Thank you. again, for being so patient with all of it.

Lynne Budzinski
Just wanted you to know that we recieved the toys we bought for our cockatiel from you.

I am very impressed with the quality and quick service.  I will be dealing with you in the future.  Pete, our cockatiel, is happy with them
also, smile!!!

Thank you,
Sue & Chris Martin
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the play gym is, my two green cheeked conures are on it right now. I got it at christmas,
and they had to get used to it for quite a while, but they now get on it several times a week. The gym is located right above their cage, so
they can get on whenever they feel the need to. It was a perfect solution, because their cage has a semi-circle, so there is no way to
place a gym on top. But when I discovered there were ones that hung from the ceiling, i looked around and I liked yours the best. It
looked like a quality piece of work, and it is indeed. Keep up with all the great work!!

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