Card Shark
Great toy for the chew shredder bird! Made
with colorful small pop sticks and miniature
playing cards. Strung and knotted with sisal!
Measures 7 inches long 5 inches wide.
Shred Box
Tons of fun for the bird that loves to pull
stuff apart!  Loves to shred paper? Chew
holes through boxes? This is the toy for you!
Cute little white box filled with natural
crinkle paper. I added soft plastic animals to
the side for more interaction. Measures 5
inches long by 3 inches wide. Let the fun
Plank Chew
All about the wood chewer. Small colorful
blocks with wooden planks in between.
Threaded with sisal!
Rainbow Swing
Swing and play at the same time! What could
be better? Great for small birds who love to
hang around and goof off! Toy Measures 7
1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide. That is the
over all measurements not inside of swing. See
pictures of my birds to get a good idea of