Swings and Boings
Swings and Boings are mostly constructed with wood, leather, sisal, willow, nickel, stainless steel metals, and
hard plastic.  Swings and Boings for all size birds.  All boings are made with stainless steel wire only.  Birds
love boings and swings!  Every bird should have at least one.  
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Ceiling Protector
Beakapoo Bird Toys appreciate your business and are devoted to providing only the best, safest, products we
can for you and your birds. Thank you and please come back.  
Large Protector Wand
18 " X 1"
Jumbo Protector Wand
18 X 1 1/2"
Personalized Name Swing
Small/Med Birds
Bird's Name
Jumbo Manzanita Swing
Jumbo Birds
Tiny Cotton Triangle Swing
extra small birds