Birdie Tent for the Large Macaw & Cockatoo
This tent is made to fit the
Large Macaw or the Moluccan
Cockatoo. You have limited
choices of fabric for this tent
because of the amount it take
to make this tent.  This tent
comes with Jumbo beads to
cover the tabs to prevent
chewing.  Comes with Large
nickel quick links.  Everything
else is the same in the way
the tent is made compared to
the smaller sizes.

Fabric Choices

Your Fleece Choices are
Hyacinth Leopard Fleece
Macaw Fleece
Many Solids Colors
New Colors in stock.
Email Me for Special Options
Fabric with an * beside it means this fabric maybe limited in
stock but I still maybe able to get more of it.  Most fleece
prints in stock are limited to a small amount.   If interested in
a print not listed on the Super Jumbo Tent for Macaws fabric
list email me and I can try to get you the print you would like.  
I'm more than happy to look for a certain print or color.  I
have access to many fabric stores in my area.
Hyacinth Leopard Fleece
Just for Macaw size tents!
This is gorgeous!  There is a quarter in the picture so you
can see how large this print is only for the Super Jumbo
Rain forest Fleece large and up
Macaw Fleece large and up