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Looking for a bargain?  You'll find it here!
You're not going to sacrifice quality the same parts are used to make these toys with the
same attention to detail and my promise to provide the safest toys possible.
Nothing over $5.00
Roller Balls
NEW and Improved!
2 foot toys sized just right for smaller birds.  Toys make with
golf ball size whiffle. Any
Medium size bird that loves a foot toy
that makes sounds will love these.  They rattle when played with
and green cheeks love that!  Completely washable made with safe
Polly rope. Get ready to watch the fun begin!
$3.95 SET
Bargain Bird Toys
Rings and Things
There are lots of birds who like to manipulate toys and this will be
right up there ally! This toy has lot of charms with rings hanging from
each charm. The charm itself has a tube bead over the opening the
game is figure out how to get the rings off!  Measures 5 inches.
Small and Med birds!
Grab this bargain today!
Price $2.50
All little birds who love bells! Cockatiels and budgies especially love
bells! Tiny colorful little man with small bells hangs from his little
legs!  Measures 3 inches. Grab this bargain today!
Price $2.50
Jungle Rope
Soft cotton supreme rope with little jungle animals hanging on make
this a cute and colorful preener type toy. Great for small and med
birds who love to preen and chew on rope. With cotton supreme rope
you can feel safe about a rope toy. Toy measures 5 inches.
Price $3.95