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You're not going to sacrifice quality the same parts are used to make these toys with the
same attention to detail and my promise to provide the safest toys possible.
Nothing over $5.00
Beaded Leather
Looking for a fun toy for a small bird?  Look no further there is
something so fascinating and appealing to small beaks when it comes to
pony beads strung on leather thongs.  Comes with nickel clip for hanging.
Measures 6 inches long without clip.  Small pony beads strung on 1/8
inch leather lace.  
For small birds only Budgies, Parrolets, Cockatiels
and Love Birds.
Price $3.50
Butterfly Spiral
Fun little stainless steel spiral strung with pony beads a leather
butterfly and tiny binks.  Comes with nickel quick clip for hanging.  
Cute colorful and a great eye catcher tons of fun for the small bird.  
Toy measures 4 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.  
For small birds only
Budgies, Parrolets, Cockatiels and Love Birds.
Price $3.95
Plain Jane Chain
My Cockatiels love this new small plastic chain.  Its about 1/2 links and
just perfect for
Cockatiels and budgies.  4 different colored chain
green, orange, blue, and baby blue.  Come with nickel ring and clip for
hanging measures 8 inches long.  No its not a fancy toy or complicated
but that doesn't matter it just something about this chain my tiels love
they both spend lots of time playing with it, its their new favorite thing
right now.
 New colors yellow,red,orange,blue,green and purple!
Price $2.95
Beary Cute
So cute a leather teddy bear with medium binks.  Does your birdie love
leather?  How about acrylic binks?  This a wonderful combination for
my Blue Crown Charlie two of his favorite things.  This is a great toy
and an unbelievable price grab it while you can!  Toy measures 6 inches
long and 2 1/2 inches wide.  
Perfect for all medium birds
Price $3.95
Bell Attack
Great small toy for a bell lover.  Cockatiels love bells most birds I
know love anything shiny and eye catching.  This toy is that for sure.  3
shiny nickel bells on a plastic bright colored square hanging from a
nickel quick link.  
Great for Cockatiels and Budgies!  Toy measures 4
inches long and 3 inches wide.  Grab this bargain today!
Price $3.95
Paulie Fun
All little birds love Paulie Rope!  They can spend hours preening the
ends.  So much enjoyment out of something so simple.  Jazzed up with
cute star beads and fun shape charms makes this toy the next sensation
in your birdie's cage!  Great for all
small birds Budgies, Cockatiels,
Love Birds, and all others of similar size.  Measures 6 inches long.
Grab this bargain today!
Price $4.95
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