Birdie Tents for every size parrot made out of 100% cotton and warm cozy fleece.
Bird Tents, Sleep Huts made out of 100% cotton fabric.  Many fabric choices parrots and other whimsical prints.
Birdie Tents
Birdie Tents are made out of 100% Cotton fabric. Cotton fabric and Fleece has been washed before
hand.  I use hard acrylic as the base of all tents.  They have no exposed seems or threads.  That
means no exposed seams on the inside or out all edges are concealed inside for safety. There is no
top stitching and no visible thread.  The acrylic is not going to slide because of the way I made it.  
There is four layers of fabric on the bottom of the sleeper, very soft and thick for the most comfort
under the birds feet.  More layers means more durable as well.  I have been sewing for over 28 years
and sewn professionally for 18 of those years.  I'm a very good seamstress and safety is my main
goal when making the birdie sleep tents.  All are washable by hand.  Remember when washing not to
use fabric softeners which is deadly to birds. Sizes are from Small TO Super Jumbo.  
There is a tent to fit all sized birdies from Parrolets to Macaws.
We have Lots of fabrics to choose from whether you would like a all fleece tent or a cotton and fleece
combo we are sure you will find something perfect for your feathered companion.
Extra Small Birdie Tent
Your Choice Of Fabric

Budgies, Love Birds, Parrotets
Small Birdie Tent
Your choice of fabric

Small Conures, Meyer's, cockatiels
Medium Birdie Tent
You choice of fabric

Large/Medium Conures, Quaker, Lories,  Pionus,
Senegal, Hahn's Mini Macaw, Ringnecks,
Large Bird Tents
Your Choice Of Fabric

Eclectus, Amazons, Rose-Breasted Cockatoo,
and others of similar size
Limited Choice of fabric for This Size Tent.  Click
here for more information for the Super Jumbo
Size Tent
Jumbo Birdie Tent
You choice of fabric

Smaller Macaws, Smaller Cockatoos, Congo
African Grey and others of similar size
Super Jumbo Birdie Tent
Limited Choice Of Fabric

Blue and Gold, Scarlett, and all other Macaws of
Similar Size also the Moluccan Cockatoo
Thank you so much for the fast shipping.  I was going to give it to him for Christmas but I couldn't wait that long.  At first
he wasn't sure about it, but now he will not get out of it.  Not even to be held sometimes!
Thank you so much! Randi and Petri
Dear Rhonda,  I recieved My Birdie Tents today when I got Home from Work, 12-11-04 They are Absolutely Beautiful
!!!!. Thankyou Very nice Job !!!!
Thanks again Very Satisfied ,and very Greatful, Ron, Boris and Rudy Too !!!
Items arrived today.  The tents are so cute.  Thanks so much.
~Cindy Fletcher~
Wake Village, Tx.

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy I am with the two bird tents I recently received.  They are by far
the best tents
I've ever owned, far superior to the stuff I've bought from local Los Angeles bird stores.  The quality, the design, the
workmanship -
everything is just first rate.  My conure, Yoshi, has been obsessed with his tents ever since I got him, and he's going to
love these.

Thank you again!

Jon Humphreys

PS You really need to charge more for these.  At $8 each, I feel like I'm stealing from you :)
Rhonda Jackson
239 CR 783
Saltillo MS 38866
(662) 213-7813
Birdie Tent Playhouse
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Canvas Lining Options
add 2.00 per tent.