New! New! New!
Lots of new bird toys this month!
All toys are constructed out of natural cotton rope, sisal, leather, and wood.  Stainless steel and nickel
plated metals only.  Veggie tanned leather laces and leather shapes.  Fun toy parts for your toy making
projects; pony beads, barrel beads, jumbo beads, acrylic shapes, and much more.
Chew it up!  Raffia all natural just waiting to be
chewed and shredded great toy for the small and
large.  Long lasting and lots of good beaking fun!  
Measures 6 inches long and 3 inches wide at the
bottom of the sweeper.  This toy will sweep your bird
off his feet!
New and Improved now added
colorful paper twist for even more
chewing fun!
Chew it up!  This is one of out best sellers and is
revamped to make it better. We added new parts to
make this longer lasting strung with natural sisal.
Measures 5 inches long. Great for small through large.
New and Improved!