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I want to share some of the comments from our customers from all around the world!
We pride ourself on customer service and making the human and the bird happy!
Nothing bring me more pleasure than seeing pictures of customers birds playing with one of our toys.
swing before he was good and ready. I'm such a mean mommy!  He's only had it for a few minutes here, and you can see he's already
gotten a good start chewing it to pieces.  :)  :)  

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for the beautiful "Hibiscus Parrot" Birdie Tent!  Take care....norm
Hello.  I received the birdie tent today that I ordered from you and I just want to say, the pictures on the Internet do not do your tent
I'm very pleased with the tent, and the fastness of the order.  Thank you so very, very much.  I will certainly be a repeat customer!

Christina Seymour
Hi Rhonda,
The green tent arrived and it is just beautiful, and very well made.
Thank you so much, it will be well loved and used.
I've got your magnet on my fridge, and will be back in touch whenever I
need more tents.
Warm regards, Jennifer

Recently I ordered a sleep tent and a linkadoodle for my little budgie, Pepito. He LOVES them! He also really enjoyed the free Plain
Jane Chain you sent with our order. You do an amazing job with your products!!!

Thanks again,

Laura Klinefelter & Pepito
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Beakapoo Bird Toys appreciates your business and is devoted to providing only the best, safest, products we can
for you and your birds. Thank you and please come back.  
Even the top of the tent is a comfy
place to rest for a spell!
Hi Rhonda - I've meaning to email you ever since I got my order! I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with everything -
and more importantly - how much the fids seem to enjoy their new toys!! I also wanted to thank you for sending them out so quickly. I
ordered from 2 other places several days before placing my order with you - and another store the same day - and still haven't received
any of those orders! So THANK YOU for making such safe and fun toys at such reasonable prices! I will definitely be shopping with
you again!

Stephanie Taylor

Rcvd the two tents I ordered from you the other day.  Just wanted to let you know that my Sun Conure, Martini just loved them!  As
soon as I held them up to him, he jumped right in and snuggled his head agains the fleece!  Thank you for making such a nice product!

Jo Ann
Hi Rhonda,

I received the toys yesterday and myself and the fids love them! As soon as i put them in their cages they were all over them. I got the
eclectus as he loves to play with paper, and it was a big hit! He has been pulling the paper and hanging from it as well chewing on the
toy parts.

willow activity swing and the smaller shredable toys are for my sun conure, and he went straight on them. I thought he would be a
bit scared of the swing as it is quite big, but that was the first toy he checked out!

Love your toys and we will definitely be getting more from you in the future. Fast shipping too!

Thank you again, Mel.
Thank you Rhonda,
Our sun conure, "Little J" (for "Jazz), is a conure rapper and a monster crapper!

The three toys we purchased from you are just the best we have ever seen. It is taking him a while to adjust to the shooting star boing.
We have him in a large cage, so we put it on top, taking off some of your larger toys and putting on some of the ones he
knows and loves. He was afraid to go near the rope for a few days cause he probably associated it with a snake. Now he is swinging
from it while chewing at his toys, but is afraid to sleep up in his happy hut at night, so we are taking it out at night, temporarily. The other
two toys are just wonderful and he loved them immediately!!You are most talented in creating these toys and put a lot of love into
them. We will be ordering again soon!

Mark and Audrey
Hello Rhonda,

I've just not long ago received your box of bird toys.  First all of  all let me thank you for your service, emails and updates.
Secondly my goodness we don't get toys like this down here in  Australia, they are absolutely brilliant, I'm thrilled to bits and  
more importantly the birds are thrilled as well.  I will have no  hesitation doing business with you in the future.

Leanne Williams
I just want to thank you for all the great toys.   They have sure made my babies happy and kept them busy.  I'm so glad my sister
recommended me to you because I can finally buy safe and good quality toys not just made of wood parts, that I can AFFORD.  You
will definitely be my #1 source of bird toys and I will also recommend your site to others!
Me and My Birds Thank You.
Veronica Zepeda
used it. Well ... he LOVES the Sleep Tent you made him.   Here's a picture of him enjoying it. And this morning he was still sleeping in it
when I removed his cover, and then he decided to hang out on top for a while. So he may not have liked the one that she had (I also
sent her pictures and a link to your site), but Dakota LOVES yours.  Two thumbs up! Thanks for making this for us.
Sincerely, Ellen & Dakota